in Tacoma, Washington
for mental health teams, independent practitioners and peers
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This foundation training will be co-led by Nick Putman, founder of Open Dialogue UK, and Alita Taylor, founder of Open Dialogue Washington. It is a unique opportunity to learn from trainers who have been developing the Open Dialogue approach in different settings/services internationally and provides a thorough grounding in the practice of facilitating Open Dialogue network meetings.

Nick Putman has been involved in developing and running foundation level Open Dialogue trainings in a variety of settings. The Open Dialogue UK foundation programme, run in London on two occasions as well as in Queensland, Australia, was largely based on a programme developed over the past 8 years by Volkmar Aderhold and others. This programme is based on extensive clinical experience and several visits to study the Open Dialogue service in Western Lapland, and has been refined over the years, based on the experience of what has seemed most effective, having been run extensively in Germany, and also in Switzerland and the US, as well as the UK and Australia. Nick is also a trainer on the full three year Open Dialogue training that has been running since 2015 in London. This training is based on the full training in Western Lapland, and has been developed in conjunction with senior Finnish trainers, such as Jaakko Seikkula, Jorma Ahonen and Kari Valtanen.

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Deadline for applications: 14 June 2019

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Deadline for applications:
14 June 2019

 Dates for Training

July 10-14 2019

Oct 23-27 2019

Jan 29-Feb 2 2020

Apr 29-May 3 2020

Training Fees

$4000 per person

or 4 installments of $1100


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The training programme will take place in Tacoma and will consist of 20 days over the course of 2019-2020, divided into 4 segments of 5 days (see dates above). The training days will consist of a mixture of presentations on theory and practice, large group discussions, and role plays, where trainees will gain considerable experience of practicing the key elements of dialogical work. Theory and practice are well integrated such that learning is embodied as well as conceptual. Reading will be provided to complement the training days. Among the topics covered are the following:

  • The 7 principles of Open Dialogue practice
  • Reflecting and reflecting teams
  • The facilitation of network meetings
  • The elements of dialogic practice
  • Circular and anticipatory questions
  • Family of origin work
  • Working in crisis situations
  • Working with people experiencing psychosis
  • Peers in network meetings

Training Team

NickNick is the founder of Open Dialogue UK. He is a psychotherapist and certified Open Dialogue practitioner who specialises in working with people experiencing psychosis and their families.

Nick spent around 10 years living and working in a variety of community based services for people experiencing psychosis and other extreme states, including those run by the Philadelphia Association, the Arbours Crisis Centre, the Richmond Fellowship, and Windhorse in Massachusetts. Inspired by the values at the heart of these projects, he has been working over the past 6 years to create more opportunities for people experiencing psychosis to meet with professionals/teams who are willing to ‘be with’ them in a time of crisis and find meaning in their experience, largely through the development of Open Dialogue in public mental health services and elsewhere.

Nick first undertook Open Dialogue training with Mary Olson, Jaakko Seikkula et al. in the US, and has spent considerable time with the Open Dialogue teams in Western Lapland. He has also spent time with the Parachute Project in New York, which draws heavily on the Open Dialogue approach, studying their community-based services and training programme. He was instrumental in establishing the first three year Open Dialogue training programme to be run outside of Finland, and has been a trainer on several international Open Dialogue programmes.